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Back on the grid! Yet about to go back off.

Hey guys!!

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything, life has just been too crazy… crazy awesome!

For one, my sister just got MARRIED!!! Here’s a pic of us siblings (and our new bro) being all adorable together.

Ohhh yeah.

Awww yeah. We’re cute. 

So yeah. Seeing my sister/best friend get married to her high school sweet heart of 8 years was probably one of the best things I’ve ever seen/been a part of.

Other happenings is that I got accepted to go on an internship/mission’s trip to Porto, Portugal from around July 18th to August 16th this summer! I will be working with the pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago, which is a trail that winds through many parts of Spain, Portugal, and France. As an intern, I will be welcoming the pilgrims to the refuge (pilgrim’s hostel) and the city of Porto, and serving them dinner. I will be walking the pilgrimage myself for about a week of the time that I’m there, so I will be able to share my stories as well as hear theirs. This will be an excellent opportunity to share Christ with them because as part of a pilgrimage, most people are already open to spiritual exploration.

Like any mission’s trip, I do need to raise support. I’ve added my newsletter link into this post, which also includes information on how you can be a financial partner with me. I’ve also posted a link to the donor site if it doesn’t work through the newsletter:

Jennifer Davies Portugal Newsletter


Anyways, that’s my life in a nutshell. To end this post, I decided to include a poem that I had yet to post. I wrote it for the “Poem a Day” contest in April with Writer’s Digest Magazine, which was very challenging, but extremely rewarding. And hey, even though I couldn’t complete the contest, I got 22 poems out of it, so that’s pretty great!

I will have to warn you though; this poem is pretty sad, but it might be one of my favorites. And it talks about traveling, which I will be doing really soon, Lord willing!

A Trip to the Seashore


It’s time to bid you goodbye.

I tuck you in for the night

and make sure you have your ticket to ride.


Slowly, I tuck the ticket under your lapel

and ready your bags by the table

for as soon as you’re able.


You fill up on your fluids; it might be a long journey

to go to the sea, but you’ve got everything you need

from your suit, to your goggles; even your khakis.


You’re asleep, from what I can tell

Your eyelids flicker, as if dreaming or under a spell

I’d be happier if you were all well.


“It’s time to go, you might be late,”

I say to you, and nudge you awake,

“You don’t want to leave the others at the gate.”


You blink your eyes slowly; your breathing is steady,

but you look to me as if you are ready.

my legs begin to feel unsteady.


“Goodbye my darling,” I say with a smile

and turn to reach for the nurse’s dial.

“I’ll see you on the other side, though that might be a while.”



The Flashlight

This is going to be a quick post, but I just wanted to share a poem that was inspired by a discussion I had with the peeps from my Bible study the other night. Let me know what you think!

The Flashlight

The Lord is shining a light on my path;

there was only darkness before

so I beam as I can finally see the rocky crevices

appear around my feet.


“This way,” He gently whispers

as the beam moves along the path.

I step carefully to avoid the cracks

so I can keep my balance.


All of a sudden, the path slopes downward

to a dangling precipice.

“But Lord, I-“

“Just trust me,” He answers.


“I can’t- I can’t do it,”

so panicking, I pull out my flashlight,

and pop in the AAA batteries.

“I think I know a better way,” I say

so I traipse out of the light

through the brush and bramble,

letting the narrow flashlight beams

spill out.

I’m going so much faster this way,

going everywhere I like,

whenever I like.

But as I’m running about,

brushes begin to snag

and branches begin to grab.

The flashlight beam is dimming.

“Darn batteries,” I say,

and shake the device. It goes out.

Completely out.

Now I’m all alone,

in the middle of the woods.

Completely alone.


“God, I was wrong. I was so wrong.

I wouldn’t blame you, for wanting to leave me


I’m sorry for all I’ve done,

but if you’re God,

and if you’re loving,

please save me.


At that moment, my path lights up

and I can see the rocks and crevices again.


“It’s ok, I’m here now.”

I grin, then throw my flashlight to the ground.

I won’t need that anymore.

But I hesitate as the Lord’s light moves along the path

and I look again at the device.

“Go ahead,” God says. “Pick it up.

You might need it later.”

I bend down to pick up the flashlight

for when I’ll use it once again.


God knows when we’ll stray away from him and his will, but he let’s us do so, because he loves us. He didn’t create us to be robots, but instead gave us free will to do what we want. He wants us to come back to him, and gently asks us to follow him, but he doesn’t force us to.

That’s what makes him so loving.