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Book Reviews! I’m gonna try them out!!!

So I decided that I’m going to try this out. Like I just said. Since I’ve been reading like some sort of madwoman-bookworm combo, I figured it would be smart to write what I thought about some of the books I’ve been reading!

“And what books have you been reading, young miss?” you may ask. Well, I’ll tell you, since you’ve asked so politely. Lately, I’ve made the goal of reading throughout the entire list of all of the Newberry Medal Award Winners from allllll the years, and so far, I think I’ve read about seven or eight of them? Or ten? Or twelve? I’ll have to double check on that.

My mom is actually the one who recommended that I try this out, and I thought, “What a great idea!!!!” (with that exact amount of exclamation points, too). So, I’m gonna try this out.

And if you like, you could recommend some books for me to read and review. And hey, maybe I’ll make some sort of profession out of this! It would be pretty cool, pretty cool.

So if you would be so daring, you can leave your comments below, or even on Facebook. I’ll be waiting. With baited breath.