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Thank you Thanksgiving!!!

Before I begin with the craziness that always ensues in this thing called my crazy stream-of-consciousness writing, I decided that I wanted to start with something a little more serious and substantial before you guys floated downstream.

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! (even though I’m a few hours late- or actually, a whole day late- oops). I hope you guys got to stuff yourself with stuffing, lather your mashed potatoes with gravy, beef up your turkey helpings, and fill up on other fillers like applesauce, cranberry sauce and the like. Personally, my favorite is always the stuffing, but then again, who wouldn’t like that stuff?

Anyways, I wanted to kick off this post by saying a few things that I’m thankful for right now:

  1. Jesus. I’m always thankful for Jesus. Without Him, none of us would really have anything worth being thankful for.
  2. Family, friends and food. I decided to lump these together because without these, where would I be? I wouldn’t have a family, I wouldn’t have friends, and I wouldn’t have food- without which, a) I couldn’t survive, and b) I couldn’t write about cheesy love poems or random poems about donuts. So I’m definitely thankful for all of the above.
  3. Thanksgiving. Without Thanksgiving day, when would we be thankful for things? Well, I guess there’s the every day thankfulness, which is great and all, but Thanksgiving comes with so many perks: the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and Eukanuba/Purina Tournament of Champions which comes right after, and then the pre-gaming slumber/last minute preparations before the ceremonious, hour long face-stuffing. But let’s not forget the late night run to Target afterwards to get some Black Friday steals before hiding out for the rest of the Thanksgiving weekend.
  4. dirigible plum earrings- they add a hint of whimsy to any get-up. (they’re from Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter, if you’re into that kind of thing- which you should be, because the books are the bees knees, and so is she)
  5. oh and books. Books books books.

And yeah. That’s just about it. What about you guys? What are you thankful for? Deep fried chicken that’s finger-lickin’ good? Mershed Perderders? Mixing bowls? Mixed colors? Mick’s? Dick’s Sporting Goods? Sports? Baked Goods? Mixed maked baked colorful mershed perderders?

So before I go off the deep end, I should also fill you guys in on a few details:

I’m doing NaNoWriMo again! This post is actually an effort of procrastination from that massive lump of words, but I’m doing it! I’m actually a few days behind because I passed out the past few nights before getting a word in edgewise on my computer, but it’s ok. It kept me from writing about random things, which I’m about to do right now. Write now.


Narwhals. They’re real cool.

Unicorns of the ocean

Yes, they do exist


Inspired? Here’s another haiku.

Turkey turkey turk

turkey turkey turkey turk

turk turkey turkey


Hungry? After stuffing yourself with all that stuff, I’m surprised. But that’s all I have to give out- Sorry! I need to save some for leftovers.

Anyways, before I hibernate for the rest of the winter, I thought I’d share a little bit of what I have from my NaNo so far, just in case none of it sees the light of day (which I hope won’t be the case). But be prepared. Your mind is going to become derailed- in a figurative sense, of course.


Come in, train of thought, come in, this is Captain Conscious speaking, over.

Hello Captain Conscious, this is train of thought speaking. I thought you were unconscious! Over.

No, indeed, train of thought. I, Captain Conscious, am not knocked over, over.

Ok conscious Captain Conscious, I’m glad you’re consciously over being knocked over, over.

No, I was never knocked over, and I’m consciously aware that I was conscious, being conscious of my conscious decision of becoming Captain Conscious, over.

A good, conscientious decision on behalf of your conscience, Captain Conscious. But be cautious, Captain Conscious, my conscience tells you to cautiously proceed with conscientious caution, so as not to derail the entire conscience.


Captain Conscious?


Come in Captain Conscious, come in!


Captain Conscious, do you read? Captain Conscious!

Train of Thought, this is Captain Unconscious speaking. Captain Conscious is now unconscious.

Oh no!! Not you, Captain Unconscious! Over.

Oh yes, it’s me, Captain Unconscious. I was closer than what you had thought over, over.

Oh no, we’re doomed! It’s all over, over.

Yes, it is. It’s over your head now, over.


So that’s just a little bit of the sumpin’ sumpin’ that I’ve been working on. I hope you found it to be somewhat enjoyable, even though it’s completely unrelated to the overall topic that I’m writing about, which is my trip to Porto from just a few months ago. Hopefully, it’ll make more sense if you read it, even though there’s a lot of random mutterings.

And that ends tonight’s session on how not to be a writer. Tune in next week for poems about donuts and the like. Goodnight!