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T-minus 19 hours and 2 minutes until I leave for Portugal!!!


Ok, so I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off today, trying to finish packing- aaaaannnd I still have quite a few other things to do tomorrow.. but it’s ok, it just means that I’m that much closer to being in Portugal!!

I don’t think that it’s really hit me quite yet, that I’m going on a mission trip to Portugal- a mission trip, where I’ll get to walk the Camino de Santiago for a week, then meet, greet, and eat with pilgrims of that walk for the whole duration of a month. How cool is that?

Do you know what’s even cooler? God couldn’t have been more clear about His plan for this. As of right now, I am FULLY FUNDED for my trip!! In just a short span of less than one month, God has spoken through and inspired many people to donate towards my trip (thank you so much to all of you who have, by the way!!), and even came through on my plane tickets, which ended up being around $300-$400 cheaper than the budgeted amount. He might as well have come down with chariots of fire and told me Himself- He has been that obvious. Ok, ok God, I guess I’ll go…. if I reaaaally have to….

I think that’s what this experience has taught me so far: when God wants you to go somewhere, or to do something, you’ll know. I was very unsure about the trip in the first place, because I was uncertain about my entire future. But as I pursued it with caution, I had no closed doors. I was accepted to the internship, sent out my letters and received gifts from friends and family members, and had two very successful and encouraging bake sales. It couldn’t have been more clear. He eliminated those doubts, and pushed me through those open doors- ok, maybe not pushed, but more like a little love tap- a little tippy tap tap tap-ed through the doors (a few of you might know what that is in reference to- let’s just say there’s some putting involved)..

“Ok, so that’s all I should write,” she wrote- or I wrote. ‘Tis 2 in the am, and I’m going to be quite busier than a bumblebee baking a banana batter bake (wait, what? that doesn’t even make any sense…).

Now, I’m at 18 hours and 36 minutes before I depart. And I know what you’re thinking, “wow, that’s very specific and skilled! How do you even know that? You must be excellent in Math!” And I would answer, “Why no, I am not, actually. I still depend on calculators to tip at restaurants.” But then I would explain my excellent negotiating skills that allow me to coerce Google to tell me everything that I need to know.


… it just shows up because I have a Google account because Google can keep me accountable. Oh how I can always count on you, Count Google!

Well now, it is getting much later, and I am getting much weirder. Ta-ta for naww ma frahnds!