Back from off of the earth’s face

Oh heeyyyy guyssss!!!

It’s been a ridiculously long time since my last post, and I was just thinking about how much I have missed you, mah friends!!

So now that I’m back, and trying to start writing again (hopefully at least once a week, if not more), I have a few updates to share with you all!

One very important one is…. I HAVE A JOB!!! Even though it’s with my old high school in a field I didn’t pursue in college, I have a job!

And I know I should’ve posted this weeks ago, I know. But I’ve had special needs assistant position for about three weeks now, and being a working woman and all has had me very busy. Never in my life has the phrase, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him/her drink” been so applicable. But I’m trying to make the most of it by creating large amounts of visuals for my student as he’s autistic, and works better that way.

I’ve also taken to committing to as many different things as possible in order to drive myself insane. Who knew that there could be a limit as to how many things they could volunteer for! So as of now, I’m busy doing at least something every day besides working, whether it’s arranging books at the library, or mucking out stalls and feeding sheep. Going from almost nothing to everything at once can be a bit ridiculous.

Speaking of being a bit ridiculous, I’ve taken to quite a few writing projects, which have all turned out to be, just a little bit ridiculous. While I still have my novel editing in the background, I also had a project where I wrote an assortment of poems for a food-related contest, because, well, what else is there that’s worth writing about?

I would share them on here, but I’ll keep you all in suspense. What I’ll say about them is: one is all about doughnuts, one is about apples, and another is about chocolate.

You can see where my priorities lie: with the fruits and the sweets.

So besides working, driving myself insane and writing bad poetry, nothing else has been new with me. Oh, except for one little teeny tidbit of an exciting detail…

I may be going on a mission’s trip to Portugal this summer!! I would be working as an intern, meeting and serving the pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago, or Saint James’ Way, and walking it myself for about a week! I’m just about to start the application process, so yeah, I’m pretty excited about that, because God has lead me this way 🙂

So that’s pretty much all I have left to say before my brain becomes the subject of another poem. If I were to write said poem, it would probably go something like this:

My brain says

the porridge this morning tastes different,

just like watered wheat, with water and wheat.

And wheaty water,

and only that-

I should sleep more. Both food and brain

are in my bowl in front of me.

They taste terrible.

There you have it. If you eat your brain and porridge for your morning breakfast, this is probably the only sense you will make.

So, to officially end this rambling post, here are some more pictures of my puppy!!

Sadie decided to go Celtic for the day, so we got to capture that on camera.

Sadie decided to go Celtic for the day, and we had the rare opportunity to capture that on camera.

She really worked that angle.

She really worked that angle.

So then my sister and I got to pose with the model!

So then my sister and I got to pose with the model!

We're hoping to get her autograph before she gets another modeling gig.

We’re hoping to get her autograph before she gets another modeling gig.

If that didn’t thrill you, here’s a picture of a laughing goat.


“Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha” says the goat.

Yup. He’s laughing at you. Not just at me, but also at you.

But don’t take it too personally. He laughs at everybody.

Thus ends the chronicle of the terrifically terrible blog post. Goodnight world. May you dream Celtic puppies and laughing goats.


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