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Reflections on Resolutions and Resolutions of Reflections

I thought I’d try something a little different tonight. I got all the weird randomness out last night, and believe me, it was waiting to be released. A month or so of my thoughts being pent up in my mind is enough reason for one’s mind to explode.

I’m going to be a little more serious. And I know what you’re thinking: You? Serious?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That would never happen!! Only on the day that pigs fly! Wait, what is that outside my window? Is that a-

Yes. It’s a pig, flying outside your window. But let’s get down to business (and no, not to defeat the Huns).

I mentioned last night that I was hoping to talk about my New Year’s resolutions for 2015. I am used to following the tradition of NOT making a New Year’s Resolution because that’s what everybody else tries to do every year, and fails. And I don’t like to do things just because everybody else does them. You might even say that I’m a nonconformist, hipster even. But we’ll go into that discussion at a later point.

Nevertheless, I decided to concoct a few resolutions, because, why not? Maybe mine will last longer than just one month. Though I have so many, I might forget that I actually made them. So here they are in written, numerical form (as opposed to hieroglyphic form):

1) Get a life.

2) Get a job.

3) Get a grip.

And ablie-ablie-ablie that’s all folks!!

Seriously though, here they are. They’re pretty much extensions of those three though, if you think about it.

1) Finishing things

– I’d like to finish a whole lot of things. I’m paused in the middle or have started several classics that I just haven’t gotten around to. I’d like to change that, starting with Sense and Sensibilty, which I’m proud to say I’m a quarter of the way through. It’s currently the only book I am reading, which is really saying something. This resolution then means that I’ll have to severely limit myself when I’m at the library to checking out only one or maybe even two books at a time. It’s going to be really tough.

– I’d like to finish several stories that I’ve started writing, beginning with my recent NaNoWriMo contribution, which might even go towards publication someday.

– finishing things also would mean finally finishing that Giver book review that I’ve promised. Eventually. Maybe.

(I didn’t say there was a specific time limit on finishing these things. If it comes to the end of the year and I still haven’t written that review, please get back to me on December 31st and get on my case. I will lock myself in a closet to finish it then.)

2) Getting a job

– pretty self-explanatory, but this will involve a lot of self-examination and prayer. And possibly traveling to new places, if it’s God’s will.

3) Becoming a better friend

– this means being more honest and open with the friends I already have and with new friends that I’m making. This too will be challenging, since I’m not very good at it, but I’m gonna try.

– this also means spending more time in the word and prayer. I know it’s cheesy, cause Jesus is ma friend and all- I mean, yah, I just finished snapchatting him a picture of me blogging about him.

J.k. He doesn’t have snapchat, let alone an iPhone, but if He did, He’d have all the best expressions, because comon. He’s Jesus, the freakin’ Son of God.

Anyways, this is getting a little weird, so let me take it down a notch.

Tonight, I watched a live streaming of the Passion 2015 conference in Georgia. Francis Chan, author of books like Crazy Love and Forgotten God was speaking. We looked into Exodus 19 when Moses goes up the mountain to speak with God, who descended to the mountain in a dense cloud. The Israelites were gathered around the mountain, hearing God talk to Moses amidst the thunder, lightning and loud trumpet blasts. They were too busy being near to the presence of God to think about checking their Facebook statuses or playing Bible Trivia Crack.

We have the same opportunity–even better, actually, because we can enter into his presence at any time we like– to talk with that same God who’s still that great and always present. And yet we only squeeze him into our five minute time slot in the morning, or at night when we’re falling asleep.

But the thing is, God cannot be squeezed into tight spaces. Following God is a commitment that can take a lot of time and energy. But I can tell you from personal experience that it’s worth that commitment, and time doesn’t really matter. I notice a definite change in my life when I am committing to being in his presence daily, and it’s a beautiful change.

Now I come to the end of my post, and I hope my random ramblings have helped you in some way, even if it was extremely difficult to be serious the whole time. I’m sure you could tell.

And here, I encourage you, in the spirit of making New Year’s Resolutions when people make commitments, to join me in committing to following God whole-heartedly. Because the half-hearted thing isn’t a good look.

So with that, I make my exodus (hopefully not like the Israelites). A good night to you all, and to you all a good night.


Robin Williams and robin’ fingers

Goooooooood morning Vietnam!! (And now, please say you’ve seen “Good Morning Vietnam,” otherwise this subtle reference was completely wasted on the wrong people.)

Hellooooooooo!!!! (Now think of the scene from Mrs. Doubtfire when Robin Williams smooshes (smoshes? Smushes? Smoushes??! Ah. Smuuuushes) his face into a cake because he had just lost his face mask, and was trying to keep the whole masquerade going. Don’t ask me why, I’m feeling in the Robin Williams mode, just go with it. R.I.P. to the one who went robin our hearts.)

Anyways, hello my friends!! I have missed you so much, as I am now just climbing up from the earth’s face from where I had fallen. And the reason I call you my friends is because I know you care so much, and because I feel like I can begin any conversation as if we were already in conversation, if you know what I mean. I’m sure you do.

Anyway, the reason that I haven’t posted for so long is because of this ‘lil cutie. I mean, who turn away from that face to write ridiculous self-consumed junk?

(Now here is where I insert the picture of our new adorable golden retriever, but I’m going to pause for effect… or affect? Ah… aeaeaffect. “Now that’s better!”- [insert here little cheesy song jingle… what’s that from again? Ahh just thought of it as I’m proofreading this. Wendy’s. Stupid commercials…]).


(Still paused….)

(Haven’t pushed play yet….)

(“Play the movie!!” “Yah, play!!”)

(Ok, I will, I guess. Once again, if you’re a movie guru, and listen to the DVD title menu music for hours on end because you can can can, such as the movie, oh say Shrek, you would know exactly what I’m talking about).

(Ok, and play).

Sadie First Day

This was her first day home. Isn’t she just the cutest thing?

Sadie First Bath

This is a picture of her after her first bath. Just look at the little fluffernutter!!! Look at her, gosh darnit!!!!!

So yeah. It’s pretty much impossible to steal myself away from her, because she’s too busy stealing my heart. Or my shoes. Or my fingers.

Anyway, I thought it was about time that I wrote something, not to mention something during the odd hours of the night when most people are dreaming sweet dreams of sugarplums and Kanye West spoofs. And something that made absolutely no sense. This is what you have been missing. My mind has been unleashed, like a “puppy on the run” (another jingle, but one from our family fam fam)- which, when unleashed in the house, she does run.

So here I am, writing something. I had a whole amount of things I was going to talk about, like New Years Resolutions, and all of these witty things, but phew, look at them!! They just shot off like a rocket through my window! And broke the glass too. Rude.

So I think I might save that for another time, because, that’s what I do. Plus it’s getting close to 4 am, and my cuckoo clock is bound to go off any second.

…just kidding about that clock. I have ten more minutes until it goes off, so I should be fine.

Anyway, I’m still gonna go. I’ve drinken (drunken, dranken? Drinken? Bah, I give up. Though if you were a sheep, you’d say ba-a-a-a-a I give up. But you’re not, because sheep can’t read, and you can. Though I don’t think they’d be dumb enough to continue reading this, they’d say it’s so ba-a-a-a-ad that they have to stop. You should stop reading it too. And I should stop writing. [and this is when the blog writer instantly feels guilty for calling her readers stupid, and where she decides to quit writing for the night, and call it a night, or morning, or day, depending on which time zone you’re in])…

I decided not to even continue that sentence because it was getting too long, if you know what I mean… (now get your head out of that gutter!! You filthy, filthy minds!!! [and once again, the blog writer instantly feels guilty for assuming that the readers’ minds are filthy, and decides to stick to poetry from now on: mainly haikus, with this type of format:

Here is a haiku

I wish that it could rhyme some

I should stick to prose

And here the blog writer decides to agree with the haiku, and continue writing prose and making weird jokes.])

If you’ve stayed with me for this long, I admire your endurance. I will spare you finally, by ending here with an inspirational message: don’t write poems, unless you really can.

And that concludes our show of “What’s going on at 3 am in Jen’s Brain”! Thanks for sticking around, we’ll see you next week! Coming right up, “the cuckoo clock that didn’t go off, because the sound wasn’t turned on to begin with!” Right after the break.

This is why I don’t have a life. Thank you, television.