NaNoWriMo: Less than two weeks, and I’m almost there!!

Alright. It seems like it’s been a little while since I’ve posted on this blog (a week, to be exact), so I decided that I should give a little update on what I’ve been up to. And I think it is crucial that you get to hear into every aspect of my life, so I hope not to disappoint.

Let’s see… like I’ve just mentioned (in the title, actually, to be extremely precise), I have much less than two weeks, and I’m almost there on my NaNo!! Actually, maybe it’s more like a week and a little, but potato tomato.

Anyways, I have about a week left, and I’m almost at 40k! I can’t believe I’ve made it this far already! And it’s all thanks to lots of tea, candles, and writing on the toilet (don’t think about that too much- when you’re cramped for time and need to go somewhere else to write, you’ll do almost anything). And I guess I got a little help from my good friend, Jesus (more like, a lot of help, actually).

I know I haven’t mentioned much about my story, and I’m sure a lot of you are curious, so I thought I would tell you a little bit about it. The story is based off of a cartoon horse named Shaggy that I created when I was in fifth grade or so. I drew several different comics and wrote several stories about his silly and completely clumsy antics. It’s about Shaggy’s best friend, Dude, who has gone missing, and it’s the job of Shaggy and his friends Penny and cat to find him. It takes them all throughout the land where they meet all sorts of quirky characters like Ollie the Ocular Octopus, and gull the seagull. But there’s something more to the story than meets the eye, so I guess you’ll have to read it and find out! (I’m still figuring it out for myself actually).

So, that’s all I’m gonna tell ya folks! I must be off to the world of storyland where nothing makes sense and where cats fall asleep on your keyboard. Oh, like this one:

You see that? That's what exhaustion looks like.

You see that? That’s what exhaustion looks like.

And also, this one:

I know, my darling, I know. She does seem a little close to the delete button. So close, yet sooo far away.

I know, my darling, I know. She does seem a little close to the delete button. So close, yet sooo far away.

With that, I’m off to the story-telling world. Oh and don’t think I’ve forgotten about the book reviews! I’m currently working on one for The Giver, so you should get excited. Right now. Right here right now. Get excited.


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