NaNoWriMo- One week in, and it’s no novelty. Really.

It’s been a week since I’ve started this whole thing, and so far, I have made the word count and more. Problem is, I’m writing this here blog post instead of getting my word count in for today. That’s right, I really shouldn’t be doing this right now, and should instead be writing to update my count. (At just that moment, I had a picture of the count censored. You should check it out on youtube. I would link it right here, but technically, I shouldn’t even be on the Internet, so yeah. I’m also really lazy. So look it up. Right now. Right here right now).

So instead of continuing my story, which actually stinks right now, I’m choosing to write this post to send out to that black hole that is the Internet.

Though, to be fair, I guess I could say that the story is still in its early formative years, and is still vomiting all over the carpet, but I’m too lazy to clean it up. I’m so lazy, I don’t even feel like changing that metaphor to something less disgusting, so deal with it. Read it and weep.

Ok, I suppose I should return to the story that is falling apart at the seams. Too bad I don’t sew on a regular basis, or I would patch that bad boy up. Now I know it’s time to do this thing because the puns are just getting more and more terrific!!!

Ok, for real though, it’s back to the draft that has so many holes in it, a horrible draft is coming through…. now that one was really bad. Sorry- nope, not sorry.

Now I’m just stalling. I really don’t wanna write, but I gotta do it. I gotta. Here. I. Go. Woooo. So fun. Ok. I’m going.


See ya. Later. Gator.

K, for real, byes.



Now that word looks weird, like you know how you can say a word so much it can sound weird in your mouth?

That’s how this novel feels.

Novel. Novel. Novel. This novel is no novelty.

Ok, bye for real. It’s been real, novel.

Also, does this blog post count as my word count? There’s 360 words right there!

Now I really gotta go. Bye for real.


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