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Whoops!! Long time no write…

I have realized just recently (like, now), that I have not written my lovely blog posts for a little bit over a month now, and I know most of you have been chomping at the bit to hear more of my exciting adventures. Well, I shall not disappoint (I hope not) with my adventures. I still have yet to update this dear blog with my adventures in Granada, Sevilla, Madrid, my GBU campamento, and just recently my trip to Italy and Greece. I will start first with my adventures within the country.

First, we started off with Granada, right outside the Sierra Nevadas. Just imagine cultural España with just a hint of Moorish elements. La Alhambra was just that, a glimpse into España through these lenses, with palm trees lumbering about. When we visited, it was a beautiful day, with the sun grazing our backs comfortably and a warm breeze lifting the palm branches. Walking through the Alhambra was like breathtaking, details etched in every nook and cranny, including the ceiling, the wall, and sometimes even the floor. Elaborate, fountains and open courtyards overruled the plethora of tourists snapping pictures and receiving guided tours. We passed through the Alhambra with many “perdoname!” ‘s, and had the chance to stroll through the gardens. What a beautiful, peaceful, stress-less day.

We planned on taking a trek to Dilar later that day for a horseback ride through the Sierra Nevada region. Little did we know that we had no idea whatsoever how to arrive at that destination. Little did we also know how difficult it would be to talk on the phone with a local to try to understand how to get there. And how little we knew Spanish at that point in time. Let’s just say, after much sprinting around, many exasperated gasps at the speaker on the other end, we were glad to relax that night, knowing that the next morning we would be riding instead of that day.

We had arranged the date and time over the phone when my phone began to ring once more. Now, by this point, I began to associate my phone with a confusing lady and frustrating conversations, that I hesitated to pick it up. I reluctantly answered with the news that we should arrive a little later because it was a holiday. Thank goodness there was nothing more than that. The next morning came, and 11 am found us on the bus to Dilar, our long awaited destination. Once in Dilar, a quaint town just on the outskirts of Granada, we made our way to the stables. There were no crowds. No stores overflowing with cultural merchandise lined the streets, and certainly no camera-handling tourists flocked the road. It was us, and the world. It was beautiful.

The town was nestled between hundreds of acres of clementine orchards, forests, and the most grandiose, the mountains. Every time I saw the mountains, I had an itching desire to take hundreds upon hundreds of pictures because it was just so picturesque. But of course, no amount of pictures can capture its entirety, so we settled for a few pictures here and there. The very story of this semester.