Guay Guell

I am thinking that maybe I should talk about Parque Guell, since that’s what we did after going to Sagrada Familia. We walked, all uphill (cause remember, Barcelona is one big hill, which you are usually climbing up) for several blocks, and finally arrived, after I related my pickpocket story to all of them, and strongly cautioned them to be on their guard at all times. I guess I’m a little paranoid now after that experience. You would be too.

So we finally arrived, and spent the next few hours in an actual park, not really finding too much of Gaudi. But, what we did find, after much climbing over the dirt trails, we came to several great views, which gave away how large Barcelona really is, and how ridiculously tall la Sagrada Familia is compared to everything. There are a few skyscrapers in Barcelona, but the Sagrada might possibly be the tallest. And it’s not even finished being built yet. Crazy.

Well, after climbing several levels, and watching Barcelona become more and more condensed into our small viewfinders, we decided to search for the guaranteed Gaudi architecture that we had all read about. We finally spotted the blue-checkered tower in the near distance between the trees, and made our descent. The curvy bench was our first stop into the world of Gaudi. Finding a spot was a challenge, but once we did, we sat on the curved marble back, and began our people watching. Again, it was a tourist spot, so some adults stood, taking pictures, some sat looking at the pictures they just took, most played with their phones, and a select few played with their kids. We watched, amused, as a young father played with his valiant two year old, who constantly picked himself up after toppling over several times. Hmm… I should learn from that kid.

Once we got to the Gaudi part, we were through it in about half an hour. We had spent most of the day getting to it, to find it was really only 15% (again, forgive my math, it could be a pretty inaccurate percentage. Just figure that it’s a really small percentage) of the park. Nevertheless, the parts that we did see were pretty amazing. To think that one man could’ve thought up all of this on his own is pretty incredible. It was almost as if we had stepped out of reality as we knew it, into a game of Candy Land, as my mom has commented. I can’t describe it in any other way than one word: regal.

Of course we took our pictures (in case you were worried) and slept like children dreaming of sugarplum fairies. But this time, we dreamt of sugarplum castles.



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