Barcelona, Here we come!

Well, technically this day began on Sunday, but I’ll call the whole day one day, because it really was, one, long, 27 hour day (Yes, I just sat down to try to figure that one out now for you all). I slept about a wink and a half, because one, I can’t sleep on planes, and two, I can’t sleep on planes when sitting in front of Japanese families who like to read entire novels in one sitting and talk to each other rambunctiously because they’re just not tired. Third is because I was going to Spain. Spain, of all places! I had dreamt about this for years, never imagining that it would ever happen for me. When I was sitting in a Spanish class during my Freshman year of high school, I remember doing all the exercises, and staring at the pictures around the classroom instead of paying attention like I should have…(well, look where that’s gotten me!) and I had never imagined that I would actually be here one day. It felt like it was in a different world, something completely opposite from what I was used to, and I was fascinated by the culture. So, here I am! Watching Modern Family in Spanish while keeping you all up to date on my adventures!

I should probably write what my first impression was. Well, it didn’t look as I had imagined, surprisingly enough. Upon getting a quick walk around before we landed, I glanced over to the windows, and got my “primera vista de Espana”. There was a lot of brown, but green too, kinda like my first view of Ireland, but not, because it wasn’t. Obviously. Barcelona, at first glance, is bordered by mountains and the sea, which, are the identifying landmarks of Barce. If you need to ask for directions, you will probably be told that it’s either “arriba” or “abajo”, referring to the mountains and sea, respectively.

The first day… kinda a blur, so sorry if I leave out details. We walked around town, which is funny because the area that we’re at is more of a town, than an actual part of Barcelona, the large city that I had pictured when coming. We had lunch at the hotel at around 1, when our stomachs were about to start eating us, which consisted of two sandwiches. Ham, and cheese. Interesting right? Our dinner later was pasta, salad and a torta espanola or something like that, which was a potato and egg wedge. Yum.

The people in Barcelona seem pretty friendly so far. There have been quite a few chicos guapos, which I was kinda surprised about, because when I went to Ireland, I was expecting hot Irish men, but they were all kinda fat and drunk. Ok that was a generalization, but I’m just sayin’. But, for reals, I did. And there weren’t as many readheads either. Hmmm… I digress. As I was saying, the people seem pretty friendly, and even though we are in Spain, I keep expecting them to speak English. You would think that, obviously they wouldn’t, but you’d be surprised. They all look pretty much like us, well, those that I’ve see. As I’ve discovered, Barce is pretty much either a melting pot, or just a huge tourist attraction. It’s probably both though.

Strangely enough, I’m already finding it unnatural to be speak in English, let alone to write in English, as I am now. Obviously. I’ve had a hard time, even writing this, not to insert more Spanish here and there, even though I have already done that a little. If you don’t understand, I completely understand. You can stop reading now if you dislike Spanish. If not, you may continue scrolling down at your heart’s content. What was I saying?… oh yeah, speaking just Spanish. See, I have made a deal with some kids with the BCA program to speak only in Spanish (of course, we have all broken that rule already!) But now I’m finding it difficult to speak either, because I want to speak Spanish, but I can’t always dictate what I want to say. Sooo, currently I’m in this awkward middle ground where it’s kinda awkward to say anything. It’s gonna be a long semester.

One semester. That seems like such a long time, but I know it’s gonna fly. Like a jet. In the sky. Ok, I’m a poet, and I know it. But do my feet show it? Good question… we have been walking a lot, which is another thing that I should talk about. But I’ll talk about the semester first. It’s hard to picture that I will be here for a little over three months, and I keep thinking that I’ll be home soon. Funny, cause I just got here, and I’m already thinking of home, school, friends and family. You know, the works.

Well, that is all for now folks. ¡Espero que tendáis una buena semana! (I hope you all have a good week! –I had to have at least a sentence in there!)


And sorry this thing doesn’t have pictures yet! I still haven’t figured that part out yet… :/


2 thoughts on “Barcelona, Here we come!

  1. Lauren Krak

    Hola, Jen! Buena suerte en Barcelona. Tenais un bueno tiempo. (32 years of rusty Spanish – lo siento mucho para gramatica pobre).
    Love, Mrs. Krak


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